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Part of my Ovate collection..
Reblogging my own photo in honour of the beloved Algiz ring (pinky finger) recently lost :( :(
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cloud iridescence — caused as light diffracts through tiny ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size, usually in lenticular clouds — photographed by rolf kohl. (more cloud pics)

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Night ritual.. #hexentanz Nekrocrafte #vinyl 💀🌙✨
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NP: #ildjarn #vinyl 🙌
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Nikola Tesla

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Abu Simbel (The Southern Sanctuary); Temple complex at Luxor in Nubia, originally constructed in the 13th century BC.
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Bookplate of Richard Wedel, from a manuscript collection of magic, alchemy and natural philosophy entitled Sextus Sapientiae: Liber Versus ac Genuinus (BSB Kiesewetteriana 1 d)
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Teitanblood - Purging Tongues

Blessed are those who will no longer live or who living will be able to survive! Rawboned cold hands slither like a swarm of cockroaches pawing blind at random, looking upon scabbed skin for maggot-ridden mouths of shattered teeth and cut-off tongues.

The fingers dip in moody urine prophecies choke forth, throats twist in fright fearing to utter his name and sparkle sinful body fluids to separate all in their cleanliness.

Gashing in guilt to compass the Devil’s altar which none shall touch but those who are unclean.

Purging Tongues.

Unharnessed prayers of purifying brimstone. Word of hellfire, castrating curst.

Purging Tongues

In unforeseen signs in the heavens mall and for all the foul beast cometh!

Horns and fires will apear,
Stormwinds will uproot the earth,
Sons and daughters will commit incest,
Shepherds turn into wolves,
Enemies of the gospel will rise,
They will repudiate to pass the straight gate,
They will hate every path of piety and will not repent their sins.

On every stand will appear Abomination and desolation.

A great and powerful voice will be raised and thunder the day of perdition, children will bring word that the time is at hand will ask to be killed. The Antichrist will raze and destroy, in his hand he will have sword and raging fire in violent fury the flame will burn and the smoke of a great fire will pass through the gates of the sky. His head will be of burning wrath his right eye will be bloodshot, his left eye a feline green with two pupils and his eyebrpws will be white, his lower lip swollen, his ankle weak, his feet big, his thumbs crushed and elongated!

Thus will speak the lord and we will ascend into the eternal torment - World Without End.

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